"May reconciliation, hope, diligence and justice be ever with you all.” Gurdjieff, 1912

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3-28-2014 Postings on the 4th anniversary of Dushka Howarth's Death 

Dushka 2014 a.d. 
On March 28, 2010, Cynthia Ann Howarth, Dushka, died. For the many that knew her, the anniversary of her death is a time to pause and remember.
Her efforts, and the work of her mother and her father, is alive in the world and marks a possible path upward for the soul and a potential way of liberation for the spirit.
what would duska
be telling her friends
about our sayings & doings
in this world?
what is dushka
telling her friends
about our sayings & doings?
Bob Schneck
   what, indeed!
Patty de Llosa

 She is loving on us, in her own subjective way . . .


"Let her with the saints repose, now that she's turned up her toes! La, la,la!"

And as far as her work and its continuation here on earth, as she famously said,
"It's up to ourselves".

Mike B.

In Dushka's memory I have added a recording made by Dushka (3min) and requested to be played at her Memorial service four years ago.

She still sings in many of our hearts... Please respect any copyrights and listen to it here and not copy.

Stephen E. Foster, GHS Website's Webmaster

3-28-2013 Postings on the 3rd year anniversary of Dushka Howarth's Death

On March 28, 2010, Cynthia Ann Howarth, Dushka, died. For the many that knew her, it is a time to pause and remember. Her efforts, and the work of her mother and her father, is alive in the world and marks a possible path upward for the soul and a potential way of liberation for the spirit.

Robert Schneck, President GHS

3-28-2013 Postings on the 2nd year anniversary of Dushka Howarth's Death

6-11-11  I think of you 4-5 times a week and long to talk to you.  We visit in my dreams.  What is your hold on us?  Never mind--it just is.  I guess it's love.

Wishing you the best and knowing you are eternally alive.  I love you.
' s

3-28-2013 Postings on the 1st year anniversary of Dushka Howarth's Death

My heart weighs heavy today. It has been only a year and yet it feels life forever ago, as well as just yesterday. I miss her so much.

Lillian and I will be going to visit her ashes today, if anyone would like to join us we will be there around 4pm. The Church is: St. Peter's Church, 619 Lexington at 54th Street


Dear all - Thanks for the opportunity to remember together. I have been lighting candles for Dushka these days, and dedicated some UU choral singing to her memory and inspiration. I wish to visit her resting place, echoing with music and reflecting warm sunlight, next time I am in NYC.  Best wishes – Joanna

dushka is gone
dushka is gone
have you seen dushka?
the first year
of timelessness passed on
dushka tested
her new-found freedom & fresh
legs romping across the fields of elysium
& tramping around the garden of eden
to inquisitize angels & learn the facts
she wandered the golden streets of paradise
& was offered a mansion
but loving you she decided
to reside in your heart

Bob Schneck

Barely a day has passed this past year that I do not remember Dushka, and send her my best wishes for her continued life, now unbound, she lives on in eternity.

Stephen E Foster



A brief encounter years ago brought the light to me from her. Now she is in the heart of the light in a journey. Let we remember.

Victor Acosta Andreotti
Terrigal, Central Coast , NSW, Australia

At the end of our last telephone conversation on Thursday (you were at Calvary) and I was telling you about going to visit my grandson for a while. You said: Sara, I wish you joy with your grandchildren. And I said: And we send you joy.

All of us who were there with Dushka during that week saw once again how extraordinary she was, she was herself. Cheerful, unafraid, how clearly and quietly I heard her say on Tuesday - I'm going to Calvary tomorrow. She didn't seem to be any different in front of her death than she had been in front of her life. 

Our love is with you.
Sara Briggs

In January 2009 I was participant of a 4th Way seminar in Claymont, WV. I will always be grateful to Deborah Rose Longo for bringing up the idea of visiting Dushka in N.Y. after our seminar. About 16 Russians, Australians, Italians, Germans and Americans were heading toward the Big Apple in 3 cars, paying attention not to lose each other on the highway or in the busy traffic of N.Y.
After 5 hours we enter the Hudson tunnel almost the same time, that plane came down the Hudson River. What a crazy day! We bought bagels for everyone at Dushka's favourite place and entered her appartment. Imagine 16 people in this tiny room, Dushka lying on the bed, telling amazing stories, answering questions and allowing everyone to take fotos. Like a popstar. Even though her body was obviously weakened,
she was such a remarkable person full of life and spirit.  When she talked about Movements and demonstrated arm positions, she had such a precision and awareness beyond everything.
She was sharing her memories in her sparkling and humorous way, as if we
were a bunch of old friends and the hours passed away just like the blink
of an eye.

Thank you Dushka,
your light will always shine
Angela Gobelin
Hamburg, Germany

Farewell and fare forward Dushka -

May your collective legacy contributions and efforts to make the Work accessible, your outreach and generosity, your search for authenticity regardless of outer form, all live long in the hearts and minds of those who have known you.

Your call for reconciliation and collaboration is resonant ... and yes, it is up to ourselves!

With love and appreciation ~ Joanna Schlesinger

We first met the wonderful free spirit of Dushka in 1960 when we took movements with her dear mother at the NY Gurdjieff Foundation. Our group leader Lord Pentland suggested starting a work related bookstore when we moved to Colorado in 1970. Since 1984 we moved to Arizona and still buy and sell books. We enjoyed talking over the phone with Dushka recently regarding her book and other interests. We cherish these memories.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop...
All our best wishes,
Jim & Janice Quigno Hill

I have not been in New York for so long, and the Halifax days are long past as well. I wish I had had more contact with Dushka, and Mrs. Howarth--what I did have left memories of something very fine, and respect for their knowledge of the Movements that they gave so clearly and with such careful
attention. So many will continue to miss them both, but continue to draw from the

Karen George

Dear Friends of the Gurdjieff Heritage Society,
It was with a great sense of loss when we heard of Dushka's death. Her passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew her. Dushka will always remain within our heart.
Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and her relatives.

With our deepest sympathy,
Gurdjieff's Work from Cali - Colombia S.A.

A Teacher, A Friend
Someone who has the Work within, naturally -  with Joy, Love. Someone who was in Herself. And balanced Life and Work in a perfect way. To her, Working was not "something to do"  but her natural way to be.
Bye Dushka!

I first met Dushka several years ago in her apartment. We spoke for over two hours, I mostly listening as she spoke of her father and her many experiences with him in Paris, her liquid eyes flashing and her voice full of force. When I handed her a box of chocolate at my leaving it felt as though no time had passed. Certainly "psychological time" had stopped. It was a meeting not to be forgotten.

William Patrick Patterson

I've known of Dushka for may years but only once had the pleasure of meeting with her. (Thanks to the initiative of Deborah Rose)    The three or so hours passed very quickly and the quality of the stories, ideas, information and Being of Dushka made it fairly easy to attend to her.   At the time she was still working on the tail end of the publishing process and thinking about ways to distribute her book.    I am so pleased that she was able to complete her work in that regard.

Despite her inability to even sit up she still radiated an extraordinary strength, clarity and presence........I recall her warm invitation not to be shy and to feel free to re-connect with her on my own...........and my own "intentions" to get round to calling her to arrange for another visit.   Now it is too late.

On one level, I hardly knew Dushka, yet I shall remain eternally thankful for those few hours in which we exchanged all manner of useful material/ideas and good feelings.

Dear Dushka, Rest in Peace!

Nick Lento

Dear all & Alls

At this moment, 'feel ready to share a quick passage that embraces myself with arms of tears and smiles. There goes:
Once some curios eyes landed upon an exquisite Fall-style leopard-like long-sleeves shirt hung on one of Dushka's home-closet. Those eyes immediately flashed! She replied understanding the unsaid undare-request that she wasn't ready, yet, to give me that one-shirt. 'left it there hanging near her bed, behind her head.
When the moment came she carefully as always left that one-shirt-birthday surprise for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR SOUL-FRIEND
 "Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till you require.
Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you,
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour,
When you have bid your servant once adieu;
Nor dare I question with my jealous thought
Where you may be, or your affairs suppose,
But, like a sad slave, stay and think of nought
Save, where you are how happy you make those:
So true a fool is love, that in your will ..." --    W.Shakespeare (Sonnet LVII)
 *she shall hold a spinning mill*

*with love --Nylaia (Silvia Prado dos Anjos)*

When I find myself missing my "big sistah", I reflect on what she might tell me:  "Don't mourn me, dear.  You can honor me best by focusing on YOUR Work.  Be strong."

Within the first 36 hours of her death, I heard a certain song 3 times.  On the seventh day I heard it again......."Somewhere over the rainbow....that's where you'll find me...."

Christos Anesti!

Dushka, dear heart, passed away. . . . . To see her, to spend some time with her was always for me a main reason to stay in New York City several days longer. To talk to her, not just about Movements and Gurdjieff Work, no, – to talk about everything, to laugh, to enjoy little things.

Once, preparing to visit her I thought what to bring, and one friend of mine suggested: cook for her, make lunch or dinner. My mother always sent her with me home-made pies or other little things, but that time it was about making a Real Big Meal, home-made. I thought it would be a good idea. I called Dushka in the morning, and said that I would like to cook for her, and asked whether she had any preferences. She kept silence for a moment and then replayed, slowly, with such a dignity: you know, dear, it is too early to say (it was about 10:30 a.m.), I usually have my coffee about 11:00 a.m., and until I have it, I can’t tell, what I would like for lunch, just come, and let us order a lunch from a new restaurant that was recently opened in the nearest block, I want to try it. I loooooved her for such things! It was her way of living, even staying in bed with a broken hip, she still remained a Diva.

To choose from which restaurant to order, to go through all delivery menus she had – it has been always a special ritual that she enjoyed a lot. It has been always mixed with fun stories about food, people, events. . . . .  She kept the menus in old plastic bags, and I thought that next time when I come, I bring her a beautiful bag, and she would put the menus there. There will be no next time now . . . . . If you want to do something for somebody whom you love – do it now, don’t wait, life is so short, even if it’s long . . . .

I loved you, Dushka, and I got a very beautiful bag for you, I put a recipe of the Gurdjieff Salad inside it, and each time I make it, I will think about you.

Thank you for everything,
your Elena from Moscow.

We have heard the news from Deborah Rose. All Moscow people who new Dushka  personally, via phone or through her recommendations  on  movements  are expressing their deep regret on Ms. Howarth passing to other world...

We  already  have  several  copies of the book here in Moscow and will keep informing people about this book.

Tonight  we dedicated our movements class to Dushka and danced for her peaceful return to our common Father.

With best regards,
Alexandra Kharitonova

This is a shock.  It feels like a terrible loss. It is so good that she was able to struggle through and complete the book.

M. Kuhl

I send my condolences on the passing of Dushka Howarth.
With loving blessings.
Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow

Dushka's sense of service to the Work has helped us all. Yet, what truly stands out to me is that she was herself.
Elizabeth Nicholls Brower

I'll never forget my conversations with Dushka.  Active listening was a necessity but always worth the effort.  There was a wisdom of a different kind, indirect, between the lines.  She was uniquely extraordinary.

Greg Loy

With gratitude and prayers for Dushka, peace be on her soul and may we live what we learned from her.

Barbara Devitt
is Maryland

Dushka, who I knew for most of my life, was an indefatigable spirit. She had the tenacity of a bulldog with a bone, but responded with generosity and thankfulness to those who sat with her and listened to her stories which will live after her for a long time. We shared godmothers and extraordinary experiences with her father. She enriched the lives of those within her ken.
 PB Taylor

I had the honor to share a lot with this great woman during my stay in New York. Thank you Dushka. For your light. For your laughter. For your love. I will never forget you.
Eva Escolà, Barcelona, Spain

Surviving on will power, Dushka finished her work for the Work and then let go. We are all in her debt.
A great spirit, bless her.

Jim George

Farewell, dear Dushka. Rest in peace.
Renate Leisten,
Ancona, Italy
Easter 2010

Dear All,

I'm very sorry to hear that Dushka passed away. I had her on the phone recently to compliment her on her book. What she says about movements in that book is important for all of us. Another living legacy is gone. I wish her all the good there is, and strength to the people that will miss her.

Ockwe de Boer.  Holland.

We are very grieving that Dushka Howarth no more with us. Today all the members of Gyumri Gurdjieff center will put the candles in St. Sev Jiam Church  in Aleksandrapol-Gyumri in the birthplace of  Dushka Howarth’s father G. I. Gurdjieff.

We all will prey for the memory of Dushka Howarth.

Avetik Melik-Sargsyan

Dushka reminded us that we can be courteous and friendly to all those who are sincerely interested in Mr. Gurdjieff's Work. This is not a small thing, to externally consider. She
will be missed by those of us who work in Russia.

Alan Francis
Gurdjieff Center for Russian Studies
Moscow, Russia

Dushka did not tolerate fools, yet she easily forgave my foolishness, as when she'd address a rude interruption: "Excuse me, I'm not finished." And she made me blush when she claimed to like my soft beard when we kissed each other.

With her passing, we may have lost the last personal connection to George Ivanovich's teaching. Whether singing for Soviet potentates, or attending the court at the Prieuré, Dushka traversed the arc of recent history, mixing the sacred with the secular to the benefit of both.

Like her father, Dushka was frank and forthright, qualities that did not endear her to existing hierarchies. "There were no 'group leaders' back in those days," she pointed out emphatically, a reality underscored by the title of her book: "It's Up To Ourselves."

In the past several years, Dushka was focused on writing and editing her opus, just as her father had labored on his own Herculean task. The successful publication of her book has brought an amazing life to a resounding resolution that will bring insight and elucidation for generations to come.

-- George Beke

While, unfortunately, I never knew him directly, Dushka seemed to radiate the same sense of humor and compassion I've often read attributed to her father.  She was always eager to relate meaningful episodes in her life, and her book is full of anecdotes that make it easier to understand her struggle and that of her mother.  Her warm generosity in the coziness of her apartment always put me at ease.  One was eager to help her with simple things like heating a pot of water for tea or pouring a liqueur, which she never drank but always offered to visitors along with chocolate "bon bons".  She was adamant about doing the Movements correctly, and sometimes would make one stand up in front of her to demonstrate a position so she could appropriately advise on its accuracy.  She was a multi-talented lady with experiences that would fill 5 lifetimes for most.  Her loving smile and her radiance will be what I remember most.  -- Alan Glassman, Philadelphia Foundation

Rest in peace, my friend.  I am so much richer for knowing you. 
We will meet again. 
Love never dies.

Love always,
Susan Boulden
Music Director, Church of Conscious Harmony
Austin, Texas

I, along with hundreds of others, will miss her. We are greatly enhanced for having known her and participating in her book completion and related projects within the G-H-S. As her website's webmaster and friend, I felt honored to know her and to contribute in some manner to Dushka as she did to my own life.

Now she is liberated from the surly bonds of earth and lives on in our hearts, as she continues in her Work. Well done Dushka ~
"Bravo Sophia!"    
Stephen E Foster 3-28-2010

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