"May reconciliation, hope, diligence and justice be ever with you all.” Gurdjieff, 1912

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Dushka's Corner, a collection of things and thoughts that don't seem to fit in anywhere else...
regarding progress in making the ARCHIVE MATERIALS of Dushka Howarth (deceased) available again for study,
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Some of my favorite cartoons, cards and stuff - click to enlarge

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My greeting card for 2006
New Yorker cartoon?
From J. Walter Driscoll
From Austin Church
Artist unknown
19th century Caucasian Kazak woven near Gurdjieff's village of Alexandropal- From S. Foster
Book progress...  art by Dushka

A poster for Dushka's one-woman show..
 "The Jet Set Gypsy"

More from the New Yorker
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Dushka NY Fall 2007 Photo by Stephen E Foster

A personal comment: Dushka was an extraordinary person, and like her father, G I Gurdjieff, left all that met her with lasting impressions. The last two weeks before her death scores of friends and acquaintances world wide called and visited her at Mt Sinai and many went on to Calvary Hospital in the Bronx to visit her one last time. She loved calls and visits, and they contributed much to her remaining days in her earthly body.

Dushka was not well for many years. The month after the above photo was taken she fell, breaking her hip, and would be bedridden for her remaining days. Friends helping, Dushka dedicated these past two years to the final editing, publication, sales, and fulfillment-distribution of her book - a twenty year effort, finally finished this year.

I, along with hundreds of others, will miss her. We are greatly enhanced for having known her and participating in her book completion and related projects within the G-H-S. As her website's webmaster and friend, I felt honored to know her and to contribute in some manner to Dushka as she did to my own life. Now she is liberated from the surly bonds of earth and lives on in our hearts, as she continues in her Work. Well done Dushka ~
"Bravo Sophia!"
SEF 3-28-10

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Below is Dushka's Photo before her fall

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     Photographs on this website appear in Jessmin & Dushka Howarth's Book "It's Up To Ourselves" A Mother, A Daughter, and GURDJIEFF

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