"May reconciliation, hope, diligence and justice be ever with you all.” Gurdjieff, 1912

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Jessmin & Dushka Howarth's Book “It’s Up To Ourselves” A Mother, a Daughter, and GURDJIEFF

More than 950  photographs, many never before seen, are included in this long awaited book!

Jessmin & Dushka Howarth's Book..
It's Up To Ourselves"

A remarkable mother-daughter memoir and unique perspective on Gurdjieff's life and times, this long awaited book presents hundreds of photos, documents, and private letters. Colorfully portraying prominent people in the international community involved with the “Work” and its continuing development, the book offers unusual personal perspectives of Gurdjieff, the man, his family, and his teaching methods: Movements, music, writings, special dinner rituals, etc.

This 500 plus page hardcover book features an original painting by Alexandre de Salzmann based on the scenario of Gurdjieff's ballet, “The Struggle of the Magicians.”

Gurdjieff in his Citroen ~ Photo by Dushka Howarth

Dushka (left) in France 1949


Table of Contents

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 Table of Content

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     Photographs on this website appear in Jessmin & Dushka Howarth's Book "It's Up To Ourselves" A Mother, A Daughter, and GURDJIEFF

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