"May reconciliation, hope, diligence and justice be ever with you all.” Gurdjieff, 1912

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     More than fifty years have passed since George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff left in our keeping an extraordinarily valuable teaching, comprised of clearly defined principles, fresh stimulating ideas, and precise practical suggestions for living them.

     But this priceless legacy is increasingly being allowed to deteriorate, become neglected or lost, and Mr. Gurdjieff's carefully considered, specific instructions are being ignored, misunderstood or misinterpreted. Distortions of "The Gurdjieff Ideas" and "The Fourth Way" proliferate in the public marketplace, and even the meticulously constructed and jealously guarded "Movements" are being deformed, forgotten, or used inappropriately.

     A large number of people do not just accept that "all this is inevitable!" and they share a sincere wish to preserve, practice, and pass on Gurdjieff's teaching undistorted. As a community of "like-minded" individuals, assembled to serve this cause, we are calling ourselves “GURDJIEFF HERITAGE SOCIETY .”

      Already, there have been many encouraging results - fruits of much research, on-going expert technical work, expenditures of time, energy and funds, (with, of course, many heated discussions,) but all in a climate of common goals, deep respect, warm humanity, and joy.

     We are utilizing proven modern methods to arrest and reverse deterioration, (and prohibit theft) for such tangible materials as recordings, films, photos, letters (and increasingly emerging treasures of unpublished exercise notations, music manuscripts, teaching suggestions, and memoirs). Once properly preserved and digitized, these items require a small fraction of their previous storage space and can be duplicated and distributed to other locales to ensure their safety and longevity. Such techniques mean that, without jeopardizing the irreplaceable originals, these materials can then be accessible to Foundation libraries and sanctioned Work groups for use in their activities, and to authorized Movements instructors, pianists, and group leaders for verification, arbitration and inspiration.

       For examples of some "conservation projects" click on [MUSIC] or [MOVEMENTS] and [Further Activities].

       We continue all these and many other efforts but would warmly welcome suggestions, participation, or criticism,

       Almost a century ago the first written exposition of Mr. Gurdjieff's ideas appeared in the scenario for his ballet The Struggle of the Magicians. Since the climax and curtain line of this unique work is a memorable and meaningful blessing given by the White Magician, we have adopted it as our motto and will try to live up to it.

"May reconciliation, hope, diligence and justice be ever with you all...


                                                             Dushka Howarth
            .....and all of us at GURDJIEFF HERITAGE SOCIETY

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     Photographs on this website appear in Jessmin & Dushka Howarth's Book "It's Up To Ourselves" A Mother, A Daughter, and GURDJIEFF

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